Federation of Wine and Food Societies of Australia Inc.

The Federation of  Wine and Food of Australia Inc. was formed in the early 1960's to promote an appreciation of wine, food and culinary art by the late Victor Gibson AM. He considered the enjoyment of drinking, eating in good company as an essential part of a healthy, cultivated and enjoyable way of life.

Established in Australia as a non-profit organisation of likeminded groups having objects similar to those of the Federation.

The site contains contact details for each of the affiliated Wine & Food Societies in Australia. Societies offer reciprocal rights to travelling members of affiliated Wine & Food societies or when members move into the locality.

Wine and Food Groups within Australia should consider Federation membership. To find out more about the Federation and its activities 
click here and send an email to the Secretariat, learn how your organisation could benefit from Federation membership

Individuals seeking to improve their wine and food experience, contact the Society direct in your region. Go to your State, and click on the Society and  contact it by email using the Society link shown, or contact using email to the person listed. In Australia there are 36 individual Societies, with 1,100 members who are affiliated with the Federation.

To read about the early development of the Federation click here

Expressions of Interest to attend 23rd Victor Gibson Weeknd April 2017 click here

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