The South Australian Wine & Food Society Inc. (Adelaide)

P O Box 130, Daw Park SA 5041

36 Members

Five dinners & two tastings on Tues/Wed: Annual Picnic

  President Mr R Brookes telephone 04 1185 3513   email  wwwwwwwwww
  Secretary Dr Andrew Trott telephone 08 8223 2616 email   wwwwwwwwww
  Councillor Dr Mark Werner telephone  08 8361 3487 email    wwwwKwwwww

The South Australian Wine and Food Society is a non-profit organisation of lovers of wine and food in Adelaide, South Australia.  We were established in 1974 and are affiliated with the Federation of Wine & Food Societies of Australia.

Our aims in the SAW&FS are:

  • to provide excellent functions (not necessarily extravagant or high cost)
  • to enable members to experience wine and food which they might not otherwise
  • to encourage pursuit of excellence in wine and food suppliers
  • to enable our members to benefit from contact with experts in the wine and food industry, and,
  • to enjoy the company of like-minded people.

Each year we have 5 "black tie" dinners, 2 wine tastings on Tuesday/Wednesdays. Annual picnic While our functions are private events for our members and their guests, we welcome visitors from other wine and food societies affiliated with the Federation of W&FS of Australia. To the extent we can, S A W F S would be delighted to help visitors to South Australia to experience our wine, food and people. 


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