About us

The Federation of Wine and Food Societies of Australia Inc. (FWFSA) is a national umbrella association for wine and food societies throughout Australia. Our aim is to promote the appreciation of wine, food, and culinary art.

The FWFSA offers a variety of services for our member societies. These include the provision of administrative support for hosting societies of the Federation’s major annual functions, access rights to the FWFSA cellar and a platform for public liability insurance requirements. There are also FWFSA awards, which are an avenue for affiliated societies to honour individuals who have provided distinguished service to them.

The Victor Gibson Medal is the highest honour awarded by the FWFSA. It is awarded for especially distinguished or meritorious service to the FWFSA, or to a cause that the Federation supports.

Major annual functions comprise the Federation’s premier event, the Victor Gibson Commemorative Dinner and Weekend and the FWFSA Convention Weekend, held in alternate years and hosted by affiliated societies. The weekends include a formal dinner, opportunities to experience wines from the FWFSA cellar and local wines, and a variety of events for enjoying wine, food and fellowship.

The Office Bearers and a small committee manage the FWFSA and its activities on a voluntary basis. All are elected from affiliated societies at the Annual General Meeting, which is held in conjunction with the annual major function.

The FWFSA currently has 33 affiliated societies, which represent over 1000 individual members.

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