Victor Gibson Weekend

The Foundation President of The Wine & Food Society of Australia (now The Federation), Victor McD Gibson AM, died 10th  September, 1979. Victor was instrumental in the formation of the Wine and Food Societies of Australia, a biennial weekend formal dinner and lunch are held to commemorate his memory.

Victor Gibson weekends are held biennially and are open to all FWFSA affiliated Society members, including their guests. An eminent Speaker is invited to deliver an oration on the culinary art.

Below is a list of previous events, include location and the guest speaker.

Previous Events

2022 March 26 – 27 Hosted by: Wine and Food Society of Ballarat
Commemorative Dinner Speaker 2022: Mr Richard Nicholson
2019 April 5 – 7 Hosted by: Metropolitan Wine and Food Society of Sydney and Sydney Ladies Wine and Food Society
Commemorative Dinner Speaker 2019: Mr Chris Derrez
2017 April 22 – 23 Hosted by: Ararat Wine and Food Society
Commemorative Dinner Speaker 2017: Mr Warren Randall
2015 April 17 – 19 Hosted by: Bacchus Club Inc and South Australia Wine and Food Society
Commemorative Dinner Speaker 2015: Peter Wall AM
2013 April 19-20 Hosted by: Warrnambool Wine and Food Society.
Commemorative Dinner Speaker 2013: Mr Viv Thomson
2011 April 8-10 Hosted by: Wine & Food Society of NSW and Metropolitan Wine & Food Society.
Commemorative Dinner Speaker: Dr. Ray Healey (Victor Gibson medallist 2009)
2009 April 18-19 Hosted by: Gold Coast WFS, Gold Coast
Commemorative Dinner Speaker 2009: Mr Terry Morris
2007 March 10-11 Hosted by: Sydney Ladies WFS, Sydney
Commemorative Dinner Speaker 2007: Mr Bruce Tyrrell
2005 March 16-18 Hosted by: Wangaratta WFS, Wangaratta
Commemorative Dinner Speaker: Mr Bill Chambers OAM
2003 March 18-19 Hosted by: Southern Peninsula WFS, Mornington Peninsula
Commemorative Dinner Speaker: Mr Nat White
2001 March 16-18 Hosted by: The Bacchus Club, Adelaide
1999 February 28 Hosted by: WFS of Ballart
Commemorative Dinner Speaker: Mr Wal Henning
1997 March 8 Hosted by: Pittwater WFS & Metropolitan WFS, Sydney
Commemorative Dinner Speaker: Mr Graham Latham
1995 March 11 Hosted by: WFS Geelong, Geelong
Commemorative Dinner Speaker: Mr David Hume
1993 March 13 Hosted by: Ladies WFS of Melbourne, Melbourne
Commemorative Dinner Speaker: Hon. Ian McPhee
1991 March 2 Hosted by: WFS Launceston, Launceston
Commemorative Dinner Speaker: Mr Robert Boocock
1989 July 29 Hosted by: Dionysus WFS of Brisbane, Brisbane
Commemorative Dinner Speaker: The Right Hon. Sally Anne Atkinson
1988 October 8 Hosted by: WFS Mildura, Mildura
Commemorative Dinner Speaker: Mr Murray Nicol
1987 March 21 Hosted by: Hamilton WFS, Hamilton
Commemorative Dinner Speaker: Mr Justice Alistair Nicholson Q.C.
1986 March 15 Hosted by: Doncaster WFS, Melbourne
Commemorative Dinner Speaker: Dr J. Plessingham
1985 March 16 Hosted by: Swan Hill WFS, Swan Hill
Commemorative Dinner Speaker: Professor G. Blainey
1983 April 16 Hosted by: Sydney Ladies, WFS, Sydney
Commemorative Dinner Speaker: Dr. Annabelle Bennett
1982 March 27-28 Hosted by: Border WFS, Albury-Wodonga
Commemorative Dinner Speaker: Mr L.R.H. Lord
1981 November 6-8 Hosted by: Warrnambool WFS, Warrnambool
Commemorative Dinner Speaker: The Hon Ian Smith, MLA
1980 October 10-12 Hosted by: WFS Mildura, Mildura
Commemorative Dinner Speaker: Michael A. Cavanaugh Subject: Victor Gibson