Dionysus Wine and Food Society Inc

For the past 50 years, Dionysus Wine and Food Society Inc. has made a significant investment of time and effort to ensure members experience the continuous enjoyment and understanding of different wines matched with food at our luncheons each month.

So what keeps us coming back?

Of course, it is the feminine friendship and camaraderie, but that is not all.

The main reason that we have been able to sustain a healthy membership, is due in no small way to the passion, appreciation, and discerning approach we take to wine and food.

We also get to experience different venues with a format that ensures our expectations are met.

Our luncheons each month are guided by the formal structures we have in place. This can help maintain consistency and quality as well as promote a sense of commitment. We also host partner luncheons at different times of the year.

For more information please email us.